AA16 - Hopen aka LAWN LLION - Step.1

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AA16 - Hopen aka LAWN LLION - Step.1

Post by le youth » Tue Jun 05, 2007 2:20 am

"..est une immersion dans la musique jamaïcaine,
calypso, reggae et ses héritiers électroniques tel que
le dub, le 2step et le dubstep?
Une approche s'essayant à une temporalité jouant de
répétitions et
d'étirements pour questionner cette musique populaire,
pour explorer
encore un peu plus la face expérimentale de ces sons..."

"..is a dive into Jamaican music like calypso, reggae
and their
electronic legacy like dub, 2step and dubstep? An
approach trying out
a temporality playing with repetitions and stretchings
to question
this popular music, to explore a little more the
experimental side of
these sounds..."

Childe Grangier is a sound artist based in Switzerland who is playing under the alias of HOPEN.
Using architectures of hazard and chance, influenced first by sounds, daily noises and music experimentation
from Zappa, Autechre, Luc Ferrari, Subrosa label and not especially musicians a lot of his interest
is coming from the image world, story telling, poetry, reading or living theater from the 70s to now.
The idea is to produce and share a moment, a journey of experimental living music...

01 - bones (ne II)
02 - nine years
03 - at a bad horse speed
04 - farmer cat's head
05 - from london to repeater
06 - massive reverse

25 min 04 / advanced dub narratives

:: Direct download :: http://www.audioactivity.net/netrelease ... _LLION.rar ::

This production is accessible on our netlabel release page.
Vous pouvez accéder à cette prod. sur la page sortie de notre netlabel.

copy, share, burn, P2P, offer, etc.. as usually, under creative commons.